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Education of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China

Presently, all of universities or colleges of TCM in China are established by the government, you must meet the entrance examination before you enter an university or college of TCM. These Universities or colleges have very good education quality as well as very good education environment. They have already established a system about the education of TCM. That is why traditional Chinese medicine has the same status as conventional western medicine in China.

There are different levels of TCM education in China, the entry level is 5 years college study for BS degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the first four years, students will study all subjects of medical science both of conventional western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, such as modern physiology, modern biological chemistry, western internal clinic, basic theory of traditional Chinese medicine and etc. After 4 years study of theory study of western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, students will enter their university's affiliated or teaching hospitals as interns. These hospitals are often AAA hospital in China with the latest modern medical technologies as well as great population of patients. In the last year, student will enter many departments on a rotating base, they will spend 1 or 2 months in every department. They must practice as interns in three departments-- western internal clinic department, acupuncture department and internal clinic of TCM. Besides these must three departments, students can choose other departments according to their interest or their career aim. For example, if you want to be a surgeon after you graduate, you may choose western surgery department as a plus. In other word, students can also become a surgeon after they graduated from universities or colleges of traditional Chinese medicine.

After got the BS in traditional Chinese medicine, some students will interest in advanced study on traditional Chinese Medicine. Then they must pass a very competitive examination of the entrance for graduate student before they become a graduate student. If they passed the examination, they can continue their study for M.S in traditional Chinese Medicine and Ph.D. in traditional Chinese medicine. M. S degree need 3 years' study, and Ph.D. degree need another 3 years study.

From the brief introduction of the education of TCM in China, you may find why China is a leading Nation in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. To my knowledge, you can only learn real traditional Chinese medicine in China, because they have the most advanced and completed educational system of TCM in the world.

If you want to study TCM in China, if you have any questions about the study in China, you may contact Dr. Henry Q. Hang, he will give you some suggestions.


Scientific Acupuncture Clinic Center , 1999