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What we can do for sports injury in Scientific Acupuncture Center?

In Scientific Acupuncture Center, we have successfully cured a lot of sports injuries, from back pain to shoulder pain, from elbow pain to ankle damage. Acupuncture for sports injury is a very common and conventional treatment in China.


From ABC news Acupuncture and Sports Injuries

 Now some of you may think acupuncture is only used by hippies and alternative types. But in fact acupuncture is being widely accepted in this country. Shelly Horton met two sporty blokes who are helping break the stereotypes associated with this Eastern healing.

GEORGE NEGUS: No, we're not about to get stuck into your favourite health food store or those medically alternate products they have on their shelves. Instead, we're quite literally taking the complementary route. These days, conventional and what used to be called alternative medicine often work hand in hand. Or, as Shelly Horton's about to explain, hand to hamstring. I know it's our Shelly, but 'hand to hamstring'? What's she on about?


COMMENTATOR: Here's Tuqiri - scores the first try...

SHELLY HORTON: Gone are the days where a footy injury was treated by a quick rub and a bit of ice.

NEWSREEL: Fullback hospitalised after suffering a collapsed lung.

COMMENTATOR: I can't believe it!

NEWSREEL: A head clash leaving Simon Bonetti out cold, Civoniceva dazed and confused.

COMMENTATOR: Franze's underneath it!

SHELLY HORTON: These days, professional footballers are treated as assets in the business of rugby league. While they have doctors and sports physios on call, some of the toughest blokes are turning to alternative therapies to help them heal between games.

COMMENTATOR: Ricketson, running down the centre!

SHELLY HORTON: Luke Ricketson represents Australia and also plays for the Sydney Roosters.

COMMENTATOR: Fletcher standing wide.

SHELLY HORTON: Bryan Fletcher is also on the Aussie team and he's the captain of South Sydney team, the Rabbitohs. He has a torn hamstring and lower back pain. Both of them use acupuncture on their injuries. The question is "How does acupuncture work?" Well, practitioners say it refocuses the electrical energy in our bodies and once you get those electrical impulses fixed, it speeds up the healing process. Now, Western doctors say there isn't much evidence to back this up, but keep in mind that only 15% of Western medicine is clinically proven and no-one is debating that acupuncture works.

BRYAN FLETCHER, CAPTAIN OF THE RABBITOHS: At first, the physio...wasn't sceptical, but just sort of, um...just sort of advised me, sort of, "I don't think it'll do too much." But I think - 'cause I tore my other hamstring last year, which was a grade three, which is pretty bad - so I came back about a month earlier than the doctor said, so I think I've changed her mind a little bit.

SHELLY HORTON: Acupuncturists believe that energy, or chi, is in everyone, and if blocked, it can result in illness. But if this is a bit airy-fairy, there is another way of looking at it.

DANIEL WALDMAN, ACUPUNCTURIST: Acupuncture will work on the nerve impulse, influencing electrical circuits in the body.

SHELLY HORTON: Acupuncture has been in Australia since the '70s. It's now accepted by most major medical funds. Currently, there are nearly 2,000 Chinese medicine practitioners working in Australia. And they offer nearly 3 million consultations a year.

Do you understand the concept of how it works?

LUKE RICKETSON, ROOSTERS: Not overly, but, it, um...I think at the time I didn't really care how it worked, as long as it got me on the paddock.

BRYAN FLETCHER: The injury, um, healed much quicker than the doctors said both times, so, I mean, that's...that's what I want. I want to be back playing footy.

SHELLY HORTON: Acupuncture can help sports injuries by reducing swelling and bruising, increasing the range of movement in joints, and increasing blood flow to the area. This all speeds up the healing process. Luke Ricketson has come to depend on acupuncture for a badly torn hamstring. Last year he was in doubt for the grand final and he turned to Daniel Waldman for help.

LUKE RICKETSON: I had to play within...within five days, so I needed something different, and, um, you know, come and saw Daniel and it did a lot of good things.

SHELLY HORTON: Did it work?

LUKE RICKETSON: Yeah, it was amazing. I, um, you know...the good thing was that, I think, when you go and see a doctor, they look at an X-ray or an MRI scan or something, they tell you where the tear is and how long it'll be. And they just give you an idea of time through sports injuries, whereas Daniel just felt it and said, "Listen, you think you can..." He could get me right by the Sunday game, which was pretty amazing, you know. And he did the job - it was incredible how quickly it healed.

DANIEL WALDMAN: Uh, it might have been three or four treatments that he received, and that took him through the game. And I don't think he's had any problems since then.

LUKE RICKETSON: I really needed desperately to do something different to get myself right. And, um, it was amazing how quickly acupuncture helped an injury heal.


COMMENTATOR: Ricketson...opened up and through... Try!

COMMENTATOR 2: And Ricketson first man there!

COMMENTATOR 3: Good ball from Ricketson on the fly.

COMMENTATOR 4: Back with Ricketson. It opens up on the left...

SHELLY HORTON: Can acupuncture be used as a performance enhancer for sportspeople?

DANIEL WALDMAN: Uh, it can. It can, definitely can. It doesn't work the same way as ephedrine or any other chemical stimulants. It works in a way of providing more even energy output.

LUKE RICKETSON: It's advanced healing. I mean, you know, I think the body only works in a certain way. I know with injuries there's lots of weeks taken off from football through niggling things and smaller injuries. I mean, if they can erase that through acupuncture, those things, I suppose it is an advantage for players to use it.

GEORGE NEGUS: Rugby league players and acupuncture. Excuse me. Certainly beats the hell out of those steroid nasties as a performance enhancer, but I wonder what the IOC's drug squad would make of it. "No, sir, I didn't have a fix. It was just a pinprick."


Jan , 9th 2005

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